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What if you had a personal keto coach available to you 7 days a week…
That keeps you motivated, and makes sure you easily and permanently lose weight?

Who wouldn’t love to be fitter, healthier, and more energetic starting today?

Chances are… Everybody you and I know.

But what’s the difference between people who really succeed in staying slim and healthy…

And people who fail, sometimes year after year?

Fit and healthy people aren’t super humans. Neither do they have “crazy” willpower or a “magic secret”.

Instead, they do have:

  • A routine they follow. They just do what they are supposed to do

  • The right tools and the right information that get them the best results in the minimum amount of time

  • A process they love, such as eating healthy and exercising

  • And, more often than not… Someone guiding them through their journey.

So, if you’re committed to getting the body of your dreams in a few short months,

If you want to be someone who is proud to look in the mirror, while feeling your energy levels are better than you thought possible…

You can follow the method I teach for losing weight in a healthy manner, without starving yourself, without giving up deserts and without any more time time, using the ketogenic diet.

Countless studies have shown the massive benefits of going keto.


But, unfortunately, when you first start with this lifestyle, things can get a bit overwhelming…

  • How do you calculate your macros, according to your body weight and weight loss goals?
  • How do you make sure you get all the right vitamins, minerals and micronutrients from your food?
  • How can you be sure the recipes you cook will turn out delicious, nutritious, and savory for your entire family?
  • And, most importantly, who can you turn to for advice to find out if a specific food is good for you… How to overcome the moment when you reach a plateau… Or how to address any other question that may pop-up while you lose the pounds?
Aaron Day

Creator of Complete Keto Diet

My name is Aaron Day

My name is Aaron Day and I’m an accredited nutritional therapist, athlete, and nutrition coach at fatforweightloss.com.au

I’ve been coaching people for years on how to correctly follow the ketogenic diet.

The number #1 problem that sabotaged my students’ goals was that they didn’t get the correct information about the ketogenic diet, and that led to their long-term failure in losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

The number #1 problem that sabotaged my students’ goals was that they didn’t get the correct information about the ketogenic diet.

Also, it seemed that nobody was there for them when they had questions.

Maybe that’s your story, too....

Maybe nobody really explained to you the secrets of losing weight permanently using the keto principles.

Or you didn’t have someone that supported you, guided you, or held you accountable.

And because you didn’t have the right tools, life got in the way, and you couldn’t be consistent enough to get the results you were dreaming about…

So you postponed your weight-loss goals again, and again, and again.

But not anymore:

I’ve developed the weight loss program
that makes sure you are never alone.

Here’s how it works:

I’ve created a monthly, take-you-by-the-hand coaching program for people who want to go keto and enjoy every day of it.

It’s designed to make you lose up to 6 pounds per month, while staying healthy, having more energy, and more fun while following a proven process.

It’s something I’ve been working on day in and day out for months:

To make your weight loss journey as simple as possible…

And make your health and fitness dreams come true.

What you will learn:

Because of my passion for sports and living a healthy life, I’ve tried every diet known to man -- Until I finally found the only lifestyle that improved my body weight, my energy levels, my mood, my sleep, and my overall health. 

The countless benefits of the ketogenic principles, as shown in studies, are truly impressive. This is the reason why hundreds of thousands of people have already joined this massive movement for healthy eating.

But I’ve got to tell you a secret: When I first began my ketogenic journey, it took me months of research and experimenting with different recipes before I found the right ones that are super tasty and keto-friendly at the same time.

This is why I decided to save other people from months, even years, of trial and error, failed promises to themselves…


By teaching everything I know in my new comprehensive coaching program.

I love eating, so starving, craving, or having the same foods over and over again were out of the question.

This is why I kept experimenting with keto ingredients, testing and improving until I found the tastiest keto meals out there.


So here it is, folks. I’m proud to present

The Complete Ketogenic Diet Program

A program that makes your journey easy, fun, and fail-proof.

Here’s exactly what’s inside the Complete Ketogenic Diet Program:

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    Weekly Coaching Sessions
    Live group sessions where you can ask questions, get feedback on your current progress and discuss the trickiest aspects of the ketogenic diet most programs never address. Remember, if you have the right information, your journey gets so much simpler.
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    Exclusive Access to Three of My Best Selling Courses
    Access my other courses (The Ketogenic Kickstart Course, The Beginners Ketogenic Course, and the Endurance Ketogenic Course). The courses are worth $400+ if sold separately, but now you can check them for free in an exclusive members’ area.
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    1:1 Coaching with me:
    Yep, that’s right. If there’s anything you don’t feel comfortable asking in our weekly group coaching sessions, you can personally chat with me in a 30 minute Skype session and I will make sure that you’re on the right track.
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    Tasty weekly meal plans
    that are keto-friendly and personalized to your goals. Because if there’s something I love more than being healthy, it’s eating delicious meals. You will receive weekly my very best recipes that have the right macronutrients and that are guaranteed to taste amazing. You will find detailed recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. Yap. I love desserts. After cooking using my recipes, you will never give a second thought to going back for high-carb, unhealthy junk foods… Because when you find the right healthy foods, you won’t crave the unhealthy ones anymore. 
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    Join my community of like-minded people
    that share their secrets and their wins in our private community. I have a fantastic group of super motivated, successful, kind people. This is where you can make friends that can become your accountability buddies, share your successes, your wins and get answers to your questions. You will never be alone. We’re all in this together.
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    Access to The Keto Adjustments Calculator:
    Calculate how many carbs, proteins, and fats you need to reach your goals, then calculate your PERSONAL adjustments. This is how you will be making sure you are fueling your body with enough food to keep your metabolism healthy and sustained.
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    Weekly shopping list:
    Save money and time by finding out what to buy each week in advance to prepare your keto meals and snacks.
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    Save money
    ​using my members’ only “Deals section”, where you can get discounts of 15% or more on keto products such as coconut oil, powder MCT Oil, Collagen Powder, Instant Keto Coffee and many more.
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    Unlimited email support:
    ​Get my personal email address and ask me anything you want, every step of the way.

How can I make sure I will succeed with this program?

Well, the short story is that I will personally make sure you succeed.


With my program, you get everything you need to reach your goals in a healthy manner without feeling hungry, deprived or overwhelmed.


I’m one of the very few nutritional therapists that are accredited to teach how to implement the ketogenic diet in an easy, safe way…

And I’m the kind of person who just loves to see people reach their weight loss goals.

While there are other courses out there through which you only receive general meal plans or advice without the extra support, with my program I make sure you get all the feedback you need.

You’ll get support through my weekly live coaching sessions, my free email service, my 1:1 coaching… And from my community of people sharing the same journey as you.

The motivation and the information contained within the program are everything you need to succeed, even if you could never stick to your goals before.

It cost less than a takeaway meal.

How is this program different from any other weight loss programs?

When I designed “The complete Ketogenic Program”, I’ve thought about all the reasons people fail when they’re following the ketogenic diet.

And in my program, I’ve addressed every problem with simple solutions.


My program also focuses on two huge aspects of your success:

  • Forming healthy habits

  • Changing your mindset

Both aspects will enable you to make a life-long change to your eating habits and the way you experience food, health and life.

What if I’m too busy 
to start a new diet right now?

This program is created for busy people.

All my recipes can be prepared in less than 30 minutes… And you can get away with 10-minute long workout sessions and still see amazing results.

So, expect to spend less than 3 hours per week shopping and cooking for all your meals and snacks…

While having the option to meal prep in advance for a whole week in less than 2 hours.

What to do next?

Before you start with your week, you need to choose the option that would work best for you. You can cancel any time within the first week, so you don’t have to pay for any of it now.

However, I do recommend choosing the 12-months options for creating new habits that stick and losing more than 10 pounds:


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  • One month access to The Complete Ketogenic Program
  • One month unlimited access to my 3 courses and our community
  • One month access to the Deals section
  • Cancel Anytime




40% off
  • One year access to The Complete Ketogenic Program
  • 12 months of unlimited access to my 3 courses and our community
  • 12 months access to the Deals section
  • 4 Personal 1:1 sessions with me (30 ’ /session)
  • Save 40per month

What my other students say:

It's been eight weeks approximately and my husband is down almost thirty pounds and I've dropped 47 myself! 

My husband and I started on August 6, 2018. We both have about a hundred pounds to lose. The recipes are are laid out for you and even include shopping lists!

That is probably the hardest thing about changing one's diet... Figuring out what to make to keep it interesting. The meals are fast, easy AND delicious. Which is a serious plus! I love that there is also a list of things that you can snack on.

There is so much information packed into the Complete Keto Diet!

It's been eight weeks approximately and my husband is down almost thirty pounds and I've dropped 47 myself! I have found that I absolutely feel better in general with the foods, compared to my general feeling prior.

We've lost the cravings for sugar (which is AMAZING for me because I was a total candyholic). I would definitely, and have, recommended this to several people who've noticed the weight loss and asked.

I cannot express my appreciation enough for all that Aaron does to help people get healthy! Stay tuned!

Kristelle - Almond NY

(Choose today and get a surprise bonus in your inbox)





  • One month access to The Complete Ketogenic Program
  • One month unlimited access to my 3 courses and our community
  • One month access to the Deals section
  • Cancel Anytime




40% off
  • One year access to The Complete Ketogenic Program
  • 12 months of unlimited access to my 3 courses and our community
  • 12 months access to the Deals section
  • 4 Personal 1:1 sessions with me (30 ’ /session)
  • Save 40per month

The Complete Ketogenic Program

The Complete Ketogenic Program is the take-you-by-the hand, comprehensive guide that helps you lose weight, keep it off, and have amazing energy levels, thanks to one of the most effective diets in the world, as shown in studies.

It’s one of the very few courses coached by a certified nutritional therapist and keto expert, who will answer all your questions and be there for you every step of the way.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you're not happy with any of the services your receive inside your membership, just let us know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

12 Reasons to join the Complete
Ketogenic Program

  • 1
    Lose weight, keep it off and double your energy levels using expert advice and guidance
  • 2
    Make sure you stay healthy, nourished and full with tasty, tested, and savory recipes
  • 3

    Weekly live coaching sessions with expert advice and Q&A

  • 4

    Access to ALL of my best selling courses: The Ketogenic Diet Kickstart Course, The Beginners Ketogenic Course, and The Endurance Ketogenic Course

  • 5
    Weekly, delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts
  • 6

    1:1 Coaching sessions for Gold and Platinum members

  • 7
    Ketogenic Macronutrients calculator
  • 8
    Weekly shopping list
  • 9
    Home exercise sessions
  • 10
    Free access to the Deals Section (15% off for keto ingredients and supplements)
  • 11
    Private community of like-minded people

Try it NOW and get a surprise bonus in your inbox in a few moments.

See you on the other side,

Aaron Day,

Accredited Nutritional therapist, coach at fatforweightloss.com

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